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Paul Ward Explores (PWE)

This Helen Doron Course is for ages 8-14 years and is Pre-A1 level.  It is a beginner's course and a continuation course.  

-learn and review single words

-build simple sentences

-focus on Who, What, When, Where, Which

-large vocabulary of 1800 words

-listening and reading comprehension

-writing, spelling, phonics

-assessments to mark student progress

Paul Ward's Adventures (PWA)

This Helen Doron Course is for ages 9-15 years and is A1-A2 level.  It is for new students with an intermediate knowledge of spoken and written English, and students continuing from the previous course (PWE)  

-strengthen grammatical structures required to achieve A1 level.  

-large vocabulary of 2000 words

-focus on phonics

-improve reading, writing, and spelling skills

-assessments to mark student progress

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